Control over dotnet.exe architecture

I am trying to get the DotNet Build, DotNet Publish, and especially DotNet Test actions to use the x86 version of dotnet.exe, as this determines the architecture of the runtime that the tests are run under. In the version of the action that is documented in the wiki (, a Path Finder property collector is used (for the ‘Using’ property of the action), so it appears that it was possible to create a custom property collector to select a specific SDK processor architecture.

The current versions of the actions use a property collector of type DotNetCoreRunTime, where the only input to the collector is the runtime version, and the collector provides path properties for both x86 and x64. But, there doesn’t seem to be any way to select which architecture is used by the action. Would it be possible to add an action property to control this?

Ah, I just realised that it is possible to use a custom hardwired path in the action, but it would still be really nice to be able to set the runtime/CLI architecture as an option.

Hi @stuy,

Thank you for pointing out this omission. We are currently working on adding the ability to select the bitness of the dotnet executable used in DotNet actions.

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