Continue Build in spite of Stage fails

With got a Configuration with fore Stages

  1. Stage: Embedded Build (with IAR Embedded Workbenche IDE)

  2. Stage: Simulation Build (with Visual Studio)

  3. Stage: Systemtest Build (with Visual Studio)

  4. Stage: Systemtest Run (with Nunit)

If for example the first Stage fails the Build will stop immediately. But maybe the Stage 2 -4 will run without a failure.

Possibility I found to run also the other Stages is to use Flow Control Try and Catch.
If the Embedded Build fails I write in a variable that Stage 1 fails. In the last Stage Gate I’ll check this variable.
But with this hack the display under Activity of the Configuration is not explicit. So all Stage had a green background. Only the Build # has a red background.

Is there a possibility to continue with the other Stage if one of them fails in this the Stage will have a red background in Activity of the Configuration?  At the End should be a check if one Stage failed the Build will also fail.

Regards Marcel

Hi Marcel,

We don’t currently have the ability to continue a build if Stage fails. We can however see that this would be useful in your case, maybe as an option on the Stage gate. I will add this to our feature request list. 

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Yeah I’m having a similar issue where we can’t fail the step because I don’t want the whole build to stop, but I need to set the “build square” as red so that all developers see that the step has something wrong without having to go and check he details of the build.

My suggestion would be to simply have one more option “Fail step” that won’t kill the whole build but that can be managed by the stage gates to give better and more control of the steps flow.

Hi Lazza,

Simply remove the condition [$Stage.IsSucessful$] Equals [True] from the stage gate and the build will continue to the next stage.