Continua CI - v1.9.0.188 Released


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Hi All,

A new version of Continua CI has been uploaded and is available from Continua CI Downloads. The latest stable version of Continua is

Changes in

  • Fix: Issue where the unit test failure and error counts were incorrect when checking $Stage.Metrics.UnitTests expressions in a stage action.
  • Fix: An error was occurring when sorting subscriptions by publisher name
  • Fix: TFS branch matching and path exclusion is now case-insensitive
  • Fix: Scope selection dropdown options in unit test shelving dialog were blank in FireFox
  • Fix: Checkboxes were not cleared when closing the Edit Subscription dialog and were ticked incorrectly when editing another subscription
  • Update: Added option to Cleanup policy to cleanup up other files in workspace (instead of only artifacts and logs)

Note: You will need to update your agents after upgrading the server to this build.

New Version 1.9 Features


The notifications architecture has been redesigned to allow new publisher types and multiple publishers of each type. You can, for example, now have more than one Email publisher configured - each for a different email service or sender address.

A renewed plug-in framework has allowed us to add new publisher types for HipChat, Stash and Stride. The XMPP publisher type has also been updated to support rooms.

The notification queue has also been revamped to let each publisher send messages, with limited concurrency, without block other publishers. Notification queue statistics are presented on the Publishers page in the Administration area.

See the Notifications documentation for further details on this feature.

Core Updates

We’re now targeting .Net Framework 4.7.2. As well as providing us with a better foundation on which to base new features, this has allowed us to update many of our third party components. This includes updates to NHibernate (ORM) and Npgsql (postgresql database driver) which provides significant performance gains.

The web tier has now been upgraded from MVC4 to MVC5.

This version removes support for Windows Server 2003R2, changing our minimum supported OS to Windows Server 2008R2.

Note that we have also dropped support for 32-bit Windows in this version. This is to simplify our build and installation process.

This version also builds upon all the fixes and improvements in version 1.8.1. Any further bug fixes and improvements on version 1.8.1 will be merged into version 1.9

Full version 1.9 change history

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