Continua CI - v1.8.1.990 Released


(Vincent Parrett) #1

Hi All,

A new version of Continua CI has been uploaded and is available from Continua CI Downloads. Note that the latest stable version of Continua CI is This version is released to support users running on older operating systems prior to Windows Server 2008R2 and 32-bit operating systems.

Changes in

  • Fix: An error would occur when reading an LDAP user’s last name from Active Directory when the last name was set to null.
  • Fix: Members of child LDAP groups now receive notifications when a subscription is set up for a parent group.
  • Fix: An issue where an extra Registered Users group update notification was sent after updating a user.
  • Fix: Removed duplicate Utils text in Version Format expression suggestions.
  • Fix: Improvement to repository recovery if an error occurs while saving changesets.
  • Update: Visual Studio 2017, MSBuild 15.0 and VSTest 2017 property collectors now include BuildTools and TestAgent search paths.
  • Update: Added ‘Extra Search Paths’ field to Visual Studio 2017 and MSBuild 15.0 property collectors for entering alternative search paths.
  • Update: Added -skipautoprops and -searchdirs arguments to OpenCover action, reordered fields and corrected argument quoting.
  • Update: Added new Server.Updates.ShowBetaVersions server property with default value “true”. Set this to “false” to suppress footer icon showing when a new beta version is available.
  • Update: Added option to HTTP Request build event handler to escape expressions in JSON request body.
  • Update: SQL connection string checker in installer now tests SQL server connection strings correctly.

Note : You will need to update your agents after installing this build.

Full version 1.8.1 change history