Continua CI Agent for Mac?

Hi Guys,
Assuming there’s no current Continua CI agent for Mac , is there? (couldn’t find one for download)
Just thought to make sure by asking, and also ask is one planned for the future?

Also, Any best practices you would recommend for running things from Continua CI on a Mac machine?
I was thinking along the lines of using CCI/FB8 to ssh to the Mac machine and run local shell scripts / wait for their output and exit code, etc’

Hi Arik,

We only currently have agents for Windows. Continua CI runs on the .Net Framework which only runs on Windows, but we are currently deep into converting the code base to run on .Net 6 which should eventually allow us to run agents for Mac and linux.

I believe that SSH is the only method available to run things on the Mac from Windows. There are SSH actions in both FinalBuilder and Continua CI.

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