Configuration URL


we use notification mails including a link to the project’s [changes] tab. The url will include the configurations name. When changing the name, the url will be broken.

Is there an ID we could use instead?

The reason for the name change is as follows: When we release a version we first clone the current master configuration to a new master configuration including a new version. The “old” master version will be renamed as a release configuration. By doing so the build history remains with the release configuration. We change the branch mapping of the repository according to the configuration.


Hi Thomas,

You can link to the configuration changes page as follows:

<a href="{{ConfigurationUrl | replace_first:'/view/', '/changes/' }}">Changes</a>


<a href="{{ProjectUrl}}/configurations/changes/{{ConfigName}}">Changes</a>

But I assume that you want urls in emails sent before the name change to still work after the name change. I’m not sure why we don’t have a configuration slug like will do for projects. It would be a significant change to add it now.

I’ll look into making the configuration views accessible by id and making the configuration id available to use in notifications.

The latter URL is what we use. Yes, a configuration slug would probably be best in regards to CI’s concept, as it is human readable. But being able to use the id will be sufficient. It will also never change. Btw, now i have finally understood what i could use the slug for :wink:

Thanks Dave!


Implemented in version v1.9.0.235