Changing Git URL affects "Manual Poll URL"


we are moving our TFS Git Hosting from http to https. Only the protocol and port of the URL will change. For example will move to

I did a test, which gave me the following results:

  • associated changesets are still there :slight_smile:
  • builds will run fine :slight_smile:

However, a new value for “Manual Poll URL” is generated. This will make all associated TFS WebHooks become invalid. :frowning:

If the path to the repo is actually the same, because only the protocol/port changes, the configuration should not be changed. This should also avoid the recreation of ContinuaCI’s repo cache, which is unnecessary. This has been discussed before: How to change URL to git repository



Hi Thomas,

Thanks for your request. Scheme and port changes to repository URLs will no longer cause the repository to be recreated in the next version.

Superb! Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

Hi Dave,

the move over to https will affect submodules referenced by “.gitmodules” also. Is there an impact on ContinuaCI’s handling?


The repository cache will still be reset when only the scheme (or port) is changed. This cleans the repository cache working folder and then clones the repository, so files such as .gitmodules will be re-fetched, therefore Continua CI’s handling should be the same as with a new repository.

The difference is that the repository and changesets in the database will now remain intact, instead of being recreated.

Thank’s a lot for clarifying this. That sounds reasonable.

Released with Version Runs fine. Thank you!