Change the Left/Right Arrow Key Behavior in Set Value to Cells

I love FinalBuilder overall - but have a question about a minor annoyance.

When editing a cell in a menu that uses multiple grid columns - like in the “ProperySet assign properties” action menu, the left or right arrow keys cause the focus to jump to the next cell. Is there a way to program FinalBuilder so that it moves the cursor to the next letter in the same cell?

This non-standard behavior slows me down a bit, and I would like to change it.

This is an annoyance for me too, it’s an issue with the third party grid control we use. We’re looking at changing that for FB9 (currently in development).

P.S - I will move this topic to the feature requests forum so can find it more easily later!

Thanks Vincent!

I wasn’t sure if this was a new feature request - or just something that I didn’t understand. Thanks for moving it for me. I also added one other request about resizable windows. It would take more work - but would make the FinalBuilder UI much better, imo.

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