Cannot restart Continua CI Server after upgrade to

Yesterday, we upgraded from 1.9.1? to and lost access to the Continua CI UI.

We see these messages at bottom of start up log in browser:

  • 10:46:37 PM : Starting task scheduler.
  • 10:46:37 PM : Configuring application authentication. 5s 76ms
  • 10:46:42 PM : LDAP Synchroniser: Error occurred while connecting to active directory. Details: Error connecting to Active Directory. Ldap groups and users cannot be updated until the connection is restored.
    Domain ‘’. The following error occurred: A local error has occurred… 120s 16ms

The service is actually running and is actually processing builds through source control but we cannot access the UI to modify configuration, etc.

I’m sure I’ve seen these errors in the log over many different versions but seems like this is first time its prevented us from accessing the system itself.

Unfortunately the error message is very generic and the event log messages don’t add much more:

*An exception was encountered while synchronizing LDAP: *
System.Exception: Cannot connect to Active Directory. Please check Continua’s connection to the Domain Controller.

  • at Continua.Membership.Ldap.LdapSynchronizer.Execute()*

This may be an internal issue with our server. Investigating…

Hi Simon,

Check that your authentication mode is set up correctly? Is the the correct domain? Seems odd that you’re seen these errors before but have been able to log in. Which authentication mode do you use?

You may see a more detailed error message in the Windows event log or in the debug log if you enable debug logging.

Seems like several machines are having issues contacting our AD. Our IT department is looking into.

I cannot say the errors were exactly the same as I’m going off memory. Its quite possible that they are entirely different problems.

Our IT team has resolved this issue. We can now access the Continua UI.

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