Can Automise make REST or SOAP API calls?

I thought I saw somewhere that there are API-related actions in Automise, but I cannot find them (or any reference in the Forums to them).  Are they part of Automise, or can you not make API calls?

Hi Jonathan,

Not at this stage. What API were you looking to talk to? Does the API require Authentication or Service keys of any nature? Would be very interested in what your looking to achieve.

Sorry - missed this reply. Looking to make calls to the SalesForce API. It would involve authentication, yes.

Now looking to make calls to the SurveyMonkey API…is there anything in place now (two years later)?

Sadly not, Automise really isn’t set up to deal with json etc at the moment. That is the main item on the list for AT5 development.

BTW, you can use Powershell script from within Automise, that might provide a few options.

Has there been any progress made for calling REST API’s? How about handling JSON?

Thanks, TJ

Unfortunately no progress as yet. We are in the process of working out features for FB9/AT6, and json/http request handling are high on the agenda. One of the issues at the moment is that we don’t have a variable type that can hold a dynamic object (ie json response), and any way to extract values from that (ie json path). So that’s something we are focusing on at the moment.