Business emails showing in the fbp8 files

What I’ve noticed today, I found a long list of emails within our final builder file, like this

    . . . . . . 
            listtype = recipients
                address =
            . . . . . . . 

Even though, we retrieve email list from text file at runtime, place it into string variable and use that, and not any actual list. Moreover, I just ran this particular script 2 times with the new setup - the file that contains the list, now has 2 group emails and I still see a long list of individual emails in the file. Any ideas, why these addresses are in the file? Thanks

What version are you using, this sounds like something that was fixed in in July last year.

Ah, thanks. Is there a way to know which latest version is our license good for. Although, it might be still active.
If I update with new version, what do I need to do to get rid of this, or I can just take the list out in text editor?

For the only license I could find for your org, the SA expired on 08 Sep 2019 - so any build before that will be ok.

You might want to give the person responsible for SA renewal (Dan?) a nudge :wink:

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So, given, I install the latest currently available to me version, what would I need to do to remove the address list? Would be open/re-save the action be enough?

Yes, open the action and save it and they will be removed.

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@Vincent Did you mean, 2018? I tried to install Aug 2019 and it gave me 8 Sept 2018 Date

If the key you are using ends with 3057 then it’s 8 Sept 2019 - if it’s not showing that then Dan will need to download and install the license key again (you need to do that after renewing SA).

yes, this is 3057…

Thanks. Dan did his deed