Build VS.NET Solution - MSBuild with extra parameters are still used when MSBuild is disabled

I found this issue in FinalBuilder

  1. Modify an existing Build VS.NET Solution task
  2. Build tab > Check Use MSBuild
  3. MSBuild tab > Enter Extra parameters
  4. Save
  5. Edit the same task
  6. Build tab > Uncheck Use MSBuild
  7. MSBuild tab > Notice Extra parameters are still populated but greyed out.
  8. Run a build, which may fail as MSBuild extra parameters are still applied.

Looks like a check for Use MSBuild is required when building command line.


Hi Heath

Thanks for the report, I can confirm this is the case, and it appears to be deliberate (it predates our last vcs switch so I can’t see the original checkin comment).

This property is also visible on the Action Inspector, so it may well be in use by people using devenv so removing it is not an option. I’ll most likely move the option to another tab as it clearly isn’t just for msbuild… I just have to find the real estate for it.

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