Build from commandline

(Attracs) #1

Now FinalBuilder is running on a server with autologin. Finalbuilder GUI is then scheduled to start every morning and build our application.

On a new server this don’t work anymore as autologin refuse to work for some reason.
Simplest would of course to fix the autologin, but it make me think a bit.

There is no reason to have GUI running every morning that none is looking at.
Automated tasks like that could or should be handled from scripts without GUI.

So my question. Is it possible to run FinalBuilders commandline (no GUI) without any logged in user ?
It runs on Windows Server 2012 in Azure cloud.

If it is possible I have to separate GUI more in my DBGeneration exe and Test-application. But that is a good thing anyway.


(Vincent Parrett) #2

FinalBuilder has had a console exe since version 2. FBCMD.exe - see the doco for command line switches etc.

FinalBuilder Command Line Version

FWIW, in any scenario where you do not need to interact with FinalBuilder we recommend using fbcmd.exe - it has less overhead than the IDE.