Build em Windows Server (remote acess)

Good afternoon, I wonder if FB8 can log in to a remote machine with a field to enter the access keys?

Well, I’m having a version generation demand through FB8, a Web system, and the service part is inserted in a third machine by the solution, in that case I pause the machine, run the solution and start the machine again (all this via remote access).

Do I need to mount the structure and run it directly on the server? or can I do it on my machine and run it on the server?

Thank you very much.

I’m having a hard time understanding exactly what you are wanting to do, so apologies if this answer is of target.

FinalBuilder cannot run its actions remotely, it would need to be installed on the machine.

Okay, can I get WEB software, upgrade build with FinalBuilder?

Because I need to stop the service, run the build, and then restart the server.

Thank you very much.

FinalBuilder can update a web application on windows, it can stop IIS, copy files, start IIS etc.