Bizarre error message when doing CSV Iterator

While doing a test run of some code in Automise, I received the following error message:

Assertion failure (S:\CI_WS\Ws\27901\Src\Core\Stepping\FBActionListRunner.pas, line 385)

I have no idea what it refers to.  I can give more information if you tell me what would be most useful.

Hi Jonathan,

Sadly its hard to see what would have caused an error at that location in Automise. Would you able to send us the project that caused the error? Also the log files for that project would be very helpful.

In addition to this some information around what task/action you were attempting to run when this error occurred. From what I see in the error it could be something to due with scripting on the action.

Lastly typically exception logs are placed in %TEMP% for the user running the project. The log file should be called “automise BugReport.txt” if one has been generated.