Bitbucket Pull Request trigger

My company is moving from Azure DevOps to Jira/Bitbucket and I’ve been tasked with automating the build pipeline on this platform. I’d like to do it with FinalBuilder and ContinuaCI, but have not seen a way to trigger a build from a Pull Request like we do in Azure I found this [article] (Building GitHub Pull Requests with Continua CI) regarding github pull requests and ContinuaCI with the note that the method mentioned in the article is not supported by BitBucket and is apparently still not supported according to recent posts. I’m also looking at the Bitbucket REST API to see if that may be a workaround that could be integrated into a custom action, etc. Any workarounds are welcome.

Hi Greg,

It’s possible to detect pull requests on Bitbucket Server (but not the Cloud version). See Bitbucket Pull Request refspec - stackoverflow.

If you are using Bitbucket Server, then you can detect pull requests in a similar way to the article for GitHub by entering +refs/pull-requests/*/from:refs/remotes/origin/pr/* in the Other Refs field of your git repository.

Note that this refspec is shown if you hover over the help icon for the Other Refs field:

If you are using the Cloud version, then you could vote on this feature request but don’t hold your breath!

Regarding the REST API, we do have a HTTP Request build event handler, which can be used to call a REST API and set a variable based on the response. You can’t trigger a build with this, but maybe you can run to periodically via a time trigger…

Thanks for the response. I had already voted on that feature request, but agree that if it hasn’t been addressed in over nine years, it is unlikely to happen soon. I’ll investigate the REST API and share my findings here.