Beta: Creating a new user with password

Good night.

I created in my ContinuaCI a new user with password without a letter with uppercase, for example, and the ContinuaCI accepted that, but when I logged into ContinuaCI with this new user ContinuaCI doesn’t recognized. And when I created a new user with a letter with uppercase, for example, I logged into ContinuaCI successively. ContinuaCI is accepting create new users without the rules with password, but this new user doesn’t work in login.

Hi Giancarloandroid thank you very much for your post. We have identified this issue, a fix will be available in the next release.

Thanks again.

Hello continua Support Team. Is this Issue already fixed? I am managing a Continua Server version and I still have users who complain they have problems changing their password. Continua accepts the new password but when the user tries to log in with the new password, it does not work. The old password is still valid. Are there some hard coded password rules?

Hi Marc,

The password policy is set in the server configuration file %PROGRAMFILES%\VSoft Technologies\ContinuaCI\Server\Continua.Server.Service.exe.config.

By default this is:

<passwordPolicy minlength="6" minNumOfDigits="1" minNumOfUppercaseLetters="1" minNumOfLowercaseLetters="1" minNumOfSpecialCharacters="0" />

but this can be changed. You will need restart the Continua CI Server service for changes to take effect. There are no hard coded rules.

I assume that the users are changing their passwords via the Password Reset page? We’ve just tested entering new passwords on both the Administration - User Management page and the Password Reset page and both won’t allow passwords which don’t fit the policy. We are able to reset or change to a password which fits the policy and log in without issue.

Are the users seeing an error message when they attempt to log in? Any there any relevant errors in the Event Log in the Administration section? Can you provide an example (not real) password which fails so we can attempt to reproduce this issue?