Automise Project failed with return code 9 (PROJECTLOADERROR)

(Ildar) #1


The Automise project failed with return code 9 (PROJECTLOADERROR) with the message below:
Error Loading Project File : Unable to read log file: Unable to open table PRD_HUN_DIP_KONYMONITORING
NexusDB: : Table does not exist. Root table “PRD_HUN_DIP_KONYMONITORING” not found [$2728/10024]

Exit with return code: 9 (PROJECTLOADERROR)
The project has just one action “Execute Program”, the program usually takes about  10-20 sec to run. The project runs every 30 minutes, it runs fine on the next iteration. 
We use Automise 4, Version:

Any help appreciated!


(Jason Smith) #2

Hi Ildar,

It appears the log file for the project has become corrupt. Delete the log4 file that corresponds to the project, and run the project again. The log file will be recreated.

(Ildar) #3

Hi Jason,

The project scheduled to run every 30 min and it runs fine on the next iteration. The LOG4 file automatically recreates when it reaches the size of 2.25 MB.
Can I do anything else to fix this problem?


(Jason Smith) #4

Great to hear the project is working again. Typically this is the only solution once the file has been corrupted. Another option is to turn off logging through the command line. From memory the “/S” option does this.