automise.exe is being detected as Malware by Trend AV during installation.

Hi there, the installer runs fine, but when it writes automise.exe to disk, Trend AV on-access scanner is detecting the Automise EXE as malware and blocking the write to disk. End result is installer finished without error, creates all the shortcuts, but they don’t point to anything, as the automise.exe doesn’t existing on disk.

Anyone else had this? I’m not looking to make an exception for this installer, I’m wanting to get to the bottom of this issue.


This happenes occasionally, we get fase positives from various virus vendors. Sometimes we have to contact them to resolve the issue.

I ran the latest version of Automise through VirusTotal - result here and it’s not showing any issues. I will contact Trend though as it seems VirusTotal no longer has them in their list of vendors.

It turns out I cannot report a false postive as I am not a customer - I will continue to try and contact them, however in the mean time you should contact them and report the false positive (provide the download url so they can investigate). In the past this has usually taken a few days to resolve.

Thanks, the installer scans fine in Trend too. It’s the resulting (installed) automise.exe that gets blocked.

There’s not much I can do about that… you still need to report the false positive - then wait for them to update their definitions. Most AV vendors have a way for software vendors to report false positives, however if Trend do then I cannot find it.

We scan with windows defender and Malwarebytes - neither of which are showing any issues.

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