ArgumentException running xUnit tool

I’m running xUnit tool in my fbp8 project and I got the following error:

I made some research and found out that Final Builder was calling xUnit console as follows:

D:\MyProject\Source\packages\xunit.runner.console.2.4.1\tools\net461\xunit.console.exe D:\MyProject\Source\FinalBuilder…\MyProject.Test\bin\Release\MyProject.Test.dll /nunit C:\Users\myuser\AppData\Local\Temp\tmpD9C2.tmp

The first argument is the test project dll, fine. What confuses me is the /nunit parameter along with a temp file path.

I’m using in Final Builder

Thank you.

It’s a bug. At some point xUnit console runner stopped allowing / for command line parameters. I’ll upload a fix later today.

The /nunit option is used internally by the action to allow us to parse the test results (not sure why we don’t just use the xunit format).

I have updated the action and added a few more options to it

There is still more to do to bring this fully up to date but we need to make some enhancements to action studio to get that done (adding multiple assemblies & config files).

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