Any update on Automise 6? Or the Future of Automise as a whole?

Just curious what the plan is for Automise and any rough timeline etc…


We are still working on it. At the moment we’re working on high dpi support, which (amongst other things) involves recreating thousands of images from png to svg (for scaleability) - it’s a process that is taking far longer than I envisaged (it’s incredible how many images there are!). We’re chipping away at it as fast as we can.

As for features, some minor UI changes, real high dpi support (no more blurry fonts etc), reworking many of the actions (tidy up, improve ui, error reporting etc) - major focus on the file transfer actions (FTP/FTPS/SFTP) - changing client library to improve performance and compatibility. Ability for ATCMD to run in a docker container (yes people have asked for it, AT5 does not work in docker). We’re also taking a compiler upgrade and some core library upgrades which have improved general performance and startup times.

I had hoped for a 2020 release, but it’s looking more like Q1 next year now.

It’s not been a great year, with covid disruptions (closing the office, getting us setup to work from home etc) - we’re finally getting into the swing of working from home, zoom meetings etc.

Thanks for the update Vincent, these are indeed difficult times. Any hope of getting some more web service support (REST, SOAP complex data types etc.) in there as well? I don’t suppose compiling down to a stand alone EXE is possible with the new compiler, is it?

Thanks, TJ


REST/GraphQL client - yes (+json support) - we’re still experimenting with how the json support would look, the initial plan is to do what we did for the xml actions, but we are looking into possibly (not making promises) introducing a json variable type.

SOAP - there are Web Service actions in AT5, not sure how up to date they are, I’ve not used soap in many years.

Compiling to exe, no. The product was never designed to do that, and there are a lot of complex technical challenges in doing that. We did some R&D on it a few years ago (not the first time) and concluded we would need to rewrite every action in a scripting language (some are native code, some .net and some javascript) to make it possible. That’s unlikely to happen due to the libraries needed for some complex actions (like S/FTP/S, SSH etc).

Thanks for the update. I was never able to use the SOAP web service actions because the ones I was interacting with returned “complex” objects and AT just couldn’t deal with it… Good news on the REST front though!

Thanks, TJ

Do you know of any public services we could hit to test this? I’d certainly like to see what we can do with this.

I had a quick look at the web service actions over my coffee this morning and I can see why they don’t cope with complex objects… because AT doesn’t really have a complex object type to store the results in - that is part of the R&D we are doing for the json support - yet an other reason to put more time into this.

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Thanks for looking into it :slight_smile: