Allow Exporting Complete Log from Included Project

Exporting the log from an action list in an included project only exports the currently executing projects log. I wanted to create a common error handler that I could include for all my projects. It would be great to have an option into export the entire log or export just the current projects log...


This affects me too. I'm including an atp2 project in an atp3 project and it's only exporting the log for the included project, not the entire log.
I also "upgraded" the included atp2 to atp3 and it didn't change it. It exports the log for the included project, and not the whole project.

Upgraded Automise from to and nothing changed.

Hi Guys

This behaviour is optional. In Automise 4 you will need to enable the ‘Export from Root Project’ option. In Automise this option is not exposed on the action form, but it is available by selecting the Export Log action in the action list and then enabling the ‘ExportFromRoot’ option (under the ‘Other’ section) within the property inspector.

Enabling this option will include the log from the root project (i.e. the first project in the chain of projects).

Hope this helps.


Ah thanks! I missed this reply for some reason.

I found that 918 also fixes another issue I ran into. To work around the original issue in this post, we just put an “export log” actionlist in every automise file. When an exception occurs, it’s supposed to still export the log. When I manually put an exception into the action list (outside of a try/catch), the actions after that were not included in the exported log. Now they are! Great!

I meant that I put a “Raise Exception” in ouside of a try/catch .