Agents report they are not licensed after installing update

(Bruce Palmer) #1

This morning I installed update I installed the server and agent on machine BM01, and the agent on machines BM03 and BM04.

Prior to the update all machines were running and everything was working okay.

After the update machine BM01 is running fine. However, on machines BM03 and BM04 the agents are reporting that they are unlicensed, with the message “This server is not licensed to run remote agents”.

Nothing has changed except installing update

This has severely limited our build environment and needs to be fixed ASAP.

What has happened? How do I fix it?


(Bruce Palmer) #2

UPDATE: I’ve discovered our subscription expired on 14/12/2018. This explains the problem, and I’m pursuing getting the subscription renewed.

However, nobody received any notification when the subscription expired. I don’t know how that’s meant to happen, or why it seems not to have happened in this case.

(Dave Sparks) #3

Hi Bruce,

Your companies subscription was renewed. Contact your purchasing person who should have a email with a new license key. Upload this to the Licenses page under Administration.

(Vincent Parrett) #4

Hi Bruce

We don’t send out license keys by email, as that used to cause more problems than it solved (corrupted files, blocked by corporate firewalls etc). Your purchasing people will need to login to their account on our website, go to the store page, on the My Store menu, “Download License Keys”.

(Bruce Palmer) #5

Hi Vincent,

Thanks for your assistance.

The new license has been downloaded and successfully applied.

The person responsible for this is on leave, which has contributed to the problem. Don’t know if they received a warning of the impending license expiry.

(Vincent Parrett) #6

Hi Burce

They would have received multiple emails at regular intervals (it’s automated).

(Bruce Palmer) #7

Thanks Vincent,

I’m working to change our procedures so that more than one person is kept in the loop.

Thanks again for your rapid response and help.