Agent v1.9.0.369 reporting as v1.9.0.337 to server


(Bruce Palmer) #1


This morning I updated Continua from v1.9.0.337 to v1.9.0.369.

I used the server installer on machine BM01, updating the server and agent.

I used the agent installer on machines BM03 and BM04.

After installation I checked the Agents page in the Continua administration screens.

The agent on BM01 was reporting as v1.9.0.369 and compatible.

The agents on BM03 and BM04 were reporting as v1.9.0.337 and not compatible.

I double checked I had downloaded the right agent installer (ContinuaCI.Agent.Setup_x64_1.9.0.369.exe) and reinstalled the agent on BM03 and BM04. I also restarted all three machines.

The same result. The agents on BM03 and BM04 reported as v1.9.0.337 and not compatible.

I rolled all machines back to v1.9.0.337 using the appropriate installers and everything is working again.

Can you please check your agent installer for v1.9.0.369. It appears the either program is reporting the incorrect version or the wrong version was included in the installer.


(Dave Sparks) #2

Hi Bruce,

Thank you for reporting this. The agent installer is the correct version but there is a bug which means is it not preserving serverHostName value in the agent configuration file, so it is being replaced with locahost which means the that remote agent is not able to communicate with the server. The Agents page is showing the last known version. We are working on an update which we will release soon.

(Dave Sparks) #3

This issue is fixed in version

(Bruce Palmer) #4

Hi Dave.

You mean v1.9.0.374.

I’ve installed v1.9.0.374 this morning and everything is working as expected.

Thanks for the quick fix.

(Dave Sparks) #5

Thanks, version number edited