Add Support for Mac 64Bit-Delphi Compiler

Currently only 32bit Delphi mac builds are possible. 64 bit was added in Delphi Rio 10.3.2 but unfortunately not included in the last FinalBuilder update.

64bit MacOS support for 10.3.2 will be included in the next update. We have it working, but are still investigating if we can find a way to generate the plist and handle notarization etc - currently that functionality only exists in the rad studio IDE so not sure how far we will get with this.

Please don’t include notarization in the first place. It often need other steps to do and is often not useful in the compiler step.

After further reading I have given up on notarization for now… not really doable without hacking the paserver protocol.

This build has the 64bit support if you want to try it

We’ll be issuing an update later this week with a few other changes as well.

Thanks, this build now runs the compiler as desired.

Hi Vincent,

I downloaded this unofficial version as well. It compiles the mac64-version well, but introduced a bug that breaks all our builds. Under certain circumstances the “Set variable” action, even though the log shows the correct value to be assigned, leaves an empty variable after the action was executed.

I extracted the respective code, which works correctly in all previous releases.

Set_variables_bug.fbp8 (3.7 KB)

Thanks for the project, I can reproduce it here, looking into it.

This build should resolve that issue

Thank you for this quick reaction. It works again.

Hi Vincent,

there’s another case where “Set Variable” causes a string to get lost:

Strip_quotes_bug.fbp8 (2.4 KB)

Thanks, my fault for that regression whiles trying to improve handling of datetime variables, messed up one of the code paths. Build running now.

This build has the fix

Thanks, this works again too.