Add "Notify me about this build status" options

We have projects that can deploy various services based on user input, and many developers using the same projects to deploy their different services they work on.
So being subscribed for notifications for a project means you’d be getting notifications each time any of the other developers deploy their services which may not necessarily interest you very much.
That’s why I’d ask you to consider the following:

Add a feature in the build “Queue options” window that reads:
“Notify me about this build” and has 3 radio button options:
“Never” (default), “Now”, and “Always” (Checking “Always” changes the default to “Always” of-course)
Choosing “Now” will register the user only to receive status notification for the build he is queuing right now. 1 time notification.

Choosing “Always” Will register the user to receive an email notification for build status (it will basically auto-register him to receive all (or a subset of) the “Build” related notifications.
(A nice subset could be only Queued/Started/Stopped/Success)

And choosing “Never” will unsubscribe him from the same subset of notifications, used by the “Now” option as well (for 1 time only notification for the build that’s being queued right now)