Actions for .netcore build, pack, publish, etc don't have any documentation?

I am getting into building .NET Core solutions. I found these actions in FB8 under DotNetCore

It would be nice if someone explained how to use these effectively.
Thank you


The actions basically call the dotnet.exe command line tool.

They are a work in progress (since the command line tool keeps changing every few months), I’ll see about getting the documentation updated. There are also a bunch of new commands we need to cover.


Is there any progress on the .Net Core actions?

We also need to include them in our build scripts in Final Builder 8. At least some basic documentation would help. At the moment we can use the publish within Visual Studio 2019, but we would prefer to include those steps within our build script, so that we know that we don’t forget to properly compile everything.

The dotnet core actions were updated in the last update. Yes we do still need to work on the documentation, but they do basically just mirror the dotnet command line.

FWIW, there is a dotnet publish action.