Action property for retry count

(Martin Kold) #1

Hi FinalBuilder,

I can set the MaxRetryCount with action.MaxRetryAttempts on an action, but how can I get the actual retry count?
I can see the the count is in the log (marked with arrows on picture)

But I can’t find the variable where it is stored.



(Vincent Parrett) #2

The retry count is internal to the component and resets after execution. I have exposed it as read only property to scripting :

Not the retry won’t help in your example, as it’s unlikely that the expression will correct itself during retries. The retry option is really only intended for use where the error might correct itself, like for example an external server was temporarily unreachable.

(Martin Kold) #3

Awesome, works like a charme, image was just an example to get the retry count in the log.

Thanks again for yet another fast response.