access error in program (BUG)

The message appears as soon as you start the program.
“An application error has occurred”
No bug show reports a message that appears without exception message
“No mapping to the unicode character exists on the destination multi-byte code page”

You can reinstall the program, and change what is not in C: \ ProgramData \ VSoft \ FinalBuilder8

What to do?finalBuilder-bugreport.txt (48.6 KB)

Something is corrupted in the FinalBuilder8.ini file. open it up in and editor and see if there are any garbled characters.

The ini file can be found in

Apparently the finalbuilder8.ini is complete.

Any other options? Already tried to delete everything and download again, to put the license to use, but nothing has worked.

Send the file to support @ and we’ll take a look at it.

Many thanks, I’ve already sent it to @support