SSH Open Connection fails with invalid address

(Martin Rothschink) #1


I’ve updated from Build 2442 to 2508 today.
Now “SSH Open Connection” fails with an invalid address error. Rolling back to 2442 works again.

This opens a connection to a mac mini using a host name (no ip address).


(Vincent Parrett) #2

I suspect this is a bug in the client library, which we updated recently. I just checked and there is another update with a fix for a dns resolution issue, which sounds like what you are seeing, I’ll pull that in today and see how it goes.

(Vincent Parrett) #3

Hi Martin

Please try this build, it includes the latest ssh client library update. I was able to connect to a local ssh server using the host name


(Martin Rothschink) #4

Hi Vincent,
thanks for the quick fix. It’s working again.