Setting up Teams notification

Was wondering if Continue CI could notify build result to a Teams channel. Happily discovered Notifications: Publishers at the Administrator’s control panel:

Filled in the Microsoft Teams’ webhook URL and selected Message card as the message format. Clicked the ‘Validate’ button and it show me the green light. Saved to close the pop-on window.

Got a notification that the validation was successful.

Great! I thought. Although the message metrics were all zeros:

Went to the latest build details and clicked the double arrow: ‘Queue a build immediately’. The build started. Went to the Teams channel to see if there were a notification. Nothing! Wait till the end of the build but still no notification about the successful build.

At the Continua Event Log noticed an error event from PlugIn Manager:

The following error occurred while retrieving the plugin with name ‘Teams’: Exception: ResourceNotFoundException

Message: The plugin with name ‘Teams’ does not exist.

Stack Trace: at Continua.API.PlugIns.PlugInManager1.GetPlugInDescription(String name, Boolean getValueOptions) at Continua.API.PlugIns.PlugInManager1.CreatePlugInInstance(String plugInName, IDictionary`2 plugInProperties, MultiSelectArrayFormat multiSelectArrayFormat, Boolean throwValidationExceptions)

Checked the ‘*C:\Program Files\ContinuaCI\Server\ServerExtensions*’ directory and there is a file called ‘Continua.Notifications.Teams.dll’, version

Any idea is this a misconfiguration or a bug?

Hi @jpollack,

Did you set up any subscriptions?

As you received the “successful validation” message then the publisher appears to be set up correctly, however the publisher won’t send any notifications on its own without a subscription.

The error message that you are seeing is a red herring. Continua CI is unable to find the Teams user preferences plugin and this is because Teams publisher doesn’t have one. It is continuing without issue after this error but it should not be logging the message at all. We will fix this for the next version.

That is it - missing subscription. Now it sends notifications to the Teams channel. Thanks!

How can I correct the link of the Teams card buttons? Currently it opens at the localhost without a port number. Checked the notification templates and they are using {BuildUrl}, {ConfigurationUrl} and {ProjectUrl} all those have incorrect values.

Hi @jpollack,

There’s a server property called HostUrl. Set this to the external URL of the CCI website.

Excellent! Thank you and Happy Easter!