dotnet test 'Logger' doesn't do anything


(Joel Skerman) #1

Setting anything in the ‘Logger’ field of the ‘dotnet test’ action doesn’t do anything. The parameter doesn’t look like it’s passed to the command at all. According to the wiki, it looks like it’s supposed to pass stuff to the --logger parameter of dotnet test.

For example, putting ‘trx;LogFileName=$Workspace$\Output\test-results.trx’ in the field doesn’t do anything.


(Dave Sparks) #2

Hi Joel,

Yes, you’re right - it doesn’t do anything. We’ve recently finished a review / update of all the dotnet actions, which we plan to release later today. This includes wiring up the --logger option, which was omitted in the previous releases.

(Joel Skerman) #3

Thanks - confirming the Logger is now working in