VSTS Query Work Items - Default server is not used

(Heath) #1



If the “Use default server from VSTS options (currently ‘myserver’)” is selected, but the server from the “Use VSTS server” edit box will be used if populated. Clearing the edit box causes the default server from options to be used.

Expected that only the selected option is used.


(Vincent Parrett) #2

Hi Heath

I’m not able to reproduce this here. What I am seeing is that the action title shows the server in the “Use VSTS server” field, even when Use default server is selected. Unfortunately I can’t fix that without major architecture changes due to .net plugins are done.

(Heath) #3

Hi Vincent,

Ah, ok. Guess that’s why the log is also showing…

VSTS Query Work Items ( [Use_VSTS_server_editbox_value] )