View multiple configurations build history

Say we have a project that has some build configurations
Some of these configurations are only meant to ease developer’s life by having their input variables pre-set to whatever it is they build on a daily basis, but most of the configurations of this project do the same things, only with a few customization per configuration,
Basically - several of these configurations deploy the same services to the same environment.
Is there a way to generate a “build history” view that will show a summary of the latest builds from a collection of such configurations? (not ALL, only ones that are manually selected for this view)

Hi @ktopaz,

If all the configurations are in the same project, then you can filter the dashboard views to that project by selecting it from the projects menu at the top of the page. If you then select the Builds View, you will see a list of the latest 10 completed builds for all configurations in the selected project.

Otherwise, you could use the Show/Hide dialog to hide all but the configurations that you are interested in from the Builds View. Another alternative, is to add a prefix to all configurations you are interested in and then enter this prefix the dashboard Filter box.

We also have plans to allow configurations to be tagged, so they can then filtered by tag, although this is not currently near the top of our to-do list.

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Thank you so much! the build view for the filtered projects is just what we needed!

Will you consider adding more columns/fields to the this builds view
same as in the (single) build activity / build history views - fields especially such as build tags.
Similar to what we discussed here:

Thanks again!


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Thank you! Also - please consider allowing this view to hold more than 10 items, the full history from all builds even (paged of course, with the option to show 10/50/100 items per page per use selection maybe?).

Hi @ktopaz,

We’re sticking with 10 items at the moment as the caching required to display more items efficiently may blow out server memory usage. We may however reconsider this in the future.

There is no caching and memory usage considerations when showing a specific configuration build history , is there? just trying to figure out the difference.
Its just that this filtered view you mentioned is the only real option to view all builds affecting a specific project - it is very convenient to view all the various configuration build history together as they tell the story of what was deployed using their common feature (project, which in our case indicates a deployment environment)
Basically I’m wishing for is a build “History” view for the filtered builds. (with the same columns as in a single build’s history view - including tags for example, or customized columns as discissdd here :slight_smile: )

The build history page is not automatically refreshed. The Builds View is updated every 1-3 seconds (depending on activity) so caching is required to reduce load on server. We will revisit this in the future, once we have completed several other ongoing development tasks.

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