Upgrading FinalBuilder 8 version duplicates the packages in the package manager list

Upgraded from FB800_2599.exe to FB800_2629.exe today:
(Not removing the old FB8 Installation, just installing over it):

Editing and removing the duplicates manually from FinalBuilder.ini resolves this.
(This happened to us on previous upgrades as well)

Hmmm… this was supposedly fixed in 2250 (July 2019) and so far in my testing here that appears to be the case. I installed 2599, checked that it was ok, the upgraded to 2629 and there were no duplicates. I’ll take a look at this again today and see if I can find out why this is happening.

If it helps, on this specific server the Install & Upgrade vector was:
FB800_2563.exe --> FB800_2588.exe --> FB800_2599.exe --> FB800_2629.exe

Happened again when upgrading from FB800_2629.exe to FB800_2694.exe

I’m still not able to reproduce this here. Can you send your C:\ProgramData\VSoft\FinalBuilder8\FinalBuilder8.ini file to support @ finalbuilder.com so we can take a look and try to replicate the issue.

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I wasn’t able to reproduce this, but did roll back a change that was made back in July that turned out to be not needed, and which I think may have been the cause. Build 2701 (just released) has this change.

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