Removing tags does not refresh the cache


we had a problem after removing a tag from a git repository. Continua refreshes its cache. However, the queue dialog still lists the tag. Also, when moving a tag to another commit, Continua will reference the “old” commit. Looks like Continua’s refresh mechanism has some issue. Resetting the repository will not solve the issue.


Hi Thomas,

We noticed a couple of days ago, while investigating submodule tags for Changesets don't detect tag changes in submodules, that the Git repositories were not detecting tag updates and removals correctly. The ‘git fetch’ output had changed since we implemented the code to parse the results. We have now fixed this in development and hope to release a new version soon. With this change in place, the tags get updated correctly in the queue dialog and the correct commit gets built for updated tags.

This could be the cause of your issue, although you said that the cache was refreshed after removing the tag. What options have you selected for Tag Changes in the repository settings? If “Detect and list as new changeset” was selected, do you see a changeset listed in the Changes tab of the configuration related to the tag change?

Hi Dave,

happy to see, you were able to identify the issue.

The configuration is set to “Detect”. Currently the Changes tab is empty, as my team mate reset the repository.

This issue is fixed with version, though it is not mentioned in the Changes overview.



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Thanks, I’ve updated the release notes now.