Logging CMD output to Variable includes linefeed/newline

(JonathanSQR) #1

Hi There

I am dynamically getting build parameters via a command line application I made. These values are then logged to a variable in the FB project to then be used later. I found that these logged variables (strings) were being stored with linefeeds/newlines. This then breaks various other commands that use these variables.
I tried to do some research on this but have not found anything specifically discussing this behavior and how to stop it.
Am I missing an option somewhere? Is there a function I can use to remove the trailing linefeeds/newlines?

Any help would be appreciated.

(Vincent Parrett) #2

The String Trimming action will remove trailing cr/lf’s if Trim Right or Trim Left/Right is selected. If you have trailing spaces you want to keep then you will need to use the Text Find/Replace action, set the search string to something like (this will remove leading and trailing line breaks).


and check the “Match as regular expression” checkbox, on the Replace tab set to “Replace text and write back to variable” and leave the replacement string blank.

(JonathanSQR) #3

Hi Vincent

Just tried that now and it works as required.

Thanks very much for the help.