LoadFromIni is a common source of refactoring errors


occasionally a build fails after refactoring. The common cause is, that a variable got deleted, but the user forgot to open and close the LoadFromIni action. This step is required to have FinalBuilder recognize the deleted variable. I understand the need for this. However it is error prone. This happens to me and team mates also. One just forgets to update…

I have no easy solution yet, on how to avoid this.

Any ideas?


Maybe the value for “failifvariablenotininifile” can be changed to false. However, this can give you the opposite error. One can forget to update the loadfromini action and you don’t notice it at all. Only after debugging and searching the log.

We could definitely do better with removing variables. It’s not as simple as it sound though, say for example during your refactoring you remove the variable but then decide it should have just been renamed, too bad, if we remove any references to it you would need to manually go in and re-add it. It’s doable, just needs some thought.

We already handle renaming of variables, if you rename a variable we attempt to find all references to it and rename those.

We will look into this, but I can already tell you ( because I did most of the work on supporting variable reference renames) that it’s not a small task.