FBVariables in JavaScript from FinalBuilder8

(yuryleon77) #1

Good day! I use FinalBuilder 8, I try to execute a script (Run Script) in JavaScript with the following code:

  ActionResult = false;
  FBVariables.AppDir = GetPathBrowseParent (FBVariables.FBPROJECTDIR);
  ActionResult = (FBVariables.AppDir! = '');

Knocks the error “FBVariables are assumed to be present”. That is, JS does not understand who FBVariables are. Where have I not set up?

(Vincent Parrett) #2

Where does GetPathBrowseParent come from.

If I take that out, the script runs fine

ActionResult = false;
FBVariables.AppDir = FBVariables.FBPROJECTDIR;
ActionResult = (FBVariables.AppDir != '');

(yuryleon77) #3

This code does not work. It seems that the compiler does not understand the FBVariables variable. Maybe something is not specified in the settings?

(Vincent Parrett) #4

What build of FB8 are you using? I literally just copied the code from the forums and pasted it in FB and apart from GetPathBrowseParent it ran fine.

(yuryleon77) #5

Build version of Funal Builder -
Trial Version

(Vincent Parrett) #6

Send your project file to support @ finalbuilder.com and we’ll see if we can reproduce the error, we must be missing some detail.