Error uploading to FTP server

Hi all,

A week or so ago, my FTP upload action starting causing an error. The error is: Data connection cannot be opened with this PROT setting.. The FTP Connection works fine, the change of directory on the server action works fine. this error occurs when I upload a ZIP file containing an .EXE.

The FTP server is on a shared web host. The hosting company have been “less” than helpful. They’ve just whitelisted my external IP address & suggested I use the ip address of the server instead of the I get the impression they have no idea.

I can make the connection & upload files perfectly fine through FileZilla or WinFTP. I have no proxy server to negotiate.

Here’s my Connection settings.

The port number is specified as 21.


Not 100% sure, but I think it may be that you need to turn on the “Encrypt Data Channel” option.

Hi Vincent,

Yes, that was it, thank you.

What does this flag actually do - I’d like to report back to my hosting company (who clearly made this necessay at some point).

FTP/FTPS creates 2 connections, 1 for the control channel and 1 for the data channel. My guess is they turned on an option that requires the data channel to be encrypted (which is reasonable these days). In fact they may not even realise they did it, could have happened in a software update.

Thank you Vincent :slight_smile: