Build "comment" variable

Hi guys,

I’m trying to access the “comment” that is prompted for when you queue the build in Continua, so that I can pass this to finalbuilder. I can’t seem to find a variable for it (I was hoping for $Build.Comment$ or similar). Does this exist? If not would it be possible to add this variable in a future release?


Hi Luke,

Thank you for this request. The build comment is not currently exposed, but will be made available as $Build.Comment$ in the next version.

Thanks very much Dave, this will be very useful.

Hi guys,
Does $Build.Comment$ or similar still exist at Continua CI Tried but can’t find it.

W’ere Trying to force mandatory build comments for some of our configurations
We’ve found $Build.StartComment$ but not sure that this is exactly what I’m looking for because:

    if '$Build.StartComment$' Matches '' then stop/fail

This logic fails regardless of if there is any input under the build “Comment” input field.

Hi @ktopaz,

$Build.StartComment$ contains the first comment on the build, so this is the correct expression value for your test.

The Matches operator is for matching against a regular expression (looks like we need to document these operators). So ,you could change your expression to $Build.StartComment$' Matches '^$$' (note the escaping of $), or simply use the Equals operator. e.g. '$Build.StartComment$' Equals ''

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