Agent.NuGet.Default.Path not found after update to


After updating to, the property collector for NuGet was no longer finding NuGet.exe on my server. I had to override the search path to get it working again. I’m guessing that either I had an override in place previously (I can’t remember) and it got clobbered in the update, or this is a regression. I’m not sure where the default search path for property collectors comes from, but I have not modified the path environment variable for the ContinuaCI user.

Apologies if this is just down to a peculiarity in my setup.


Hi Stu,

The default NuGet property collector has not been changed for some time. You can find it on the Property Collector page in the Administration section. If not overridden, it expands the PATH environment variable and searches each folder listed. If you go to the Agents page (also in the Administration section) and click on properties for the relevant agent, you will see which properties have been collected on that agent.

We have noticed an intermittent issue on our build server a couple of occasions where a build has been allowed to run on a newly installed agent before it has run its property collection. This only appears to happen if a build is immediately after installation and can cause the build to fail with a “Could not expand property Executable Path with value …” error message. We haven’t yet got to the bottom of this issue, but will investigate further today. I suspect this is what happened for you, and the issue may have been remedied just by running the build again without making any changes.

I think this is fixed in