FinalBuilder Demo Videos

These demonstration videos are designed to introduce and explain FinalBuilder's core concepts. Take the time to watch each of them and you'll be amazed by how much you can then achieve with FinalBuilder.

Getting Started

If you've never seen FinalBuilder before, start with this demo. It introduces the FinalBuilder interface by describing each of the IDE's components and their purpose by creating a very simple build project.


You can use variables in your FinalBuilder project to make your build dynamic and machine independent. This video introduces variables and how to use them in your projects.

Flow Control

This video introduces FinalBuilder's flow control actions which enable error handling, change the build flow based on a condition, loop over actions and run actions in parrallel.


An advanced debugging engine is fully integrated into the FinalBuilder IDE. This video teaches you how to step, set break points and set variable watches in FinalBuilder.

Action Lists

Action lists help modularize your build process. This video explains how to group actions in an action list, and call this group during your build. This group can then be referenced the same way as a subroutine or method in a programming language.


Much like an iterator in a programming language, FinalBuilder's iterators take care of looping automatically. This video shows how to use some of FinalBuilder's iterators to loop over child actions.

Property Sets

Property sets can store, increment, load and apply version information. They provide a way to automate your versioning within your build process and this video shows you how to make the most of them.

Action Studio

Want to create your own actions for FinalBuilder? This demo teaches you how to use Action Studio to write custom actions.